Novel Bahasa Inggris Dwellers of The Night

Novel Bahasa Inggris – Berikut ini sebuah novel bahasa inggris berjudul Dwellers of The Night karya Anthony Barnhart. Novel ini terdiri dari sekitar 642 halaman berbentuk pdf, jadi bisa di baca dengan mudah di semua perangkat baik laptop maupun hape.

Berikut ini sedikit cuplikkan prolog dari novel bahasa inggris ini :

Prologue: Oksino, Russia

Thursday Morning, August 11th, 2011
The Eve of the Nightmare
The day begins like any other for the Siberian town of Oksino. The sun has risen early, and children
don themselves in overcoats to protect against the cold as they make their way to be picked up for
school by rusted busses long in need of repair. The ride to school goes slow and monotonous, and the
children press their noses against the frosted glass windows of the bus to watch the landscape
passing by: twisting streams, stretching grasslands, and Asian mountains rising in the distance. The
Trans-Siberian railroad can be seen through broken mists as the sun rises higher above the snowcapped
Altai Mountains. The busses arrive at the school late, and the children flood into their
classrooms. The cafeteria and the boarding house are in different buildings along opposite ends of the
village, and the school sports no gymnasium. The walls are colored with chalk and falling apart;
many of the desks are broken, and the electricity in the room often shorts-out. They file into their
classrooms and sit down, talking hurriedly amongst themselves in the Russian tongue. Many of the
children are direct descendents of the Pazyryk, an ancient people who lived in the land thousands of
years ago, of whom mummies have been found frozen in permafrost. Many Bronze Age tombs have
been dug up, and their findings hint that the Pazyryk culture may have been loosely connected with
the ancient Scythian culture to the west. Most of the children’s parents make income working in the
oil fields or doing agricultural work; fewer belong to ranching families, being threatened by the
Russian government for hunting such species as Argali Mountain Sheep, the steppe eagle, and the
Black Stork.
The teacher enters the room and tells the children ….

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Novel Bahasa Inggris Dwellers of The Night

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